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I’m trying to prove a point that there is a fan base for a solo Black Widow movie. Please reblog if you’d watch it.

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Prompt: stiles calls sheriff's while babysitting Scott's kid because he's trying to remember the Stilinski baby rash remedy but deputy Derek picks up the phone and stiles has to justify calling the police.


"Beacon County Sheriff’s Department," a gruff voice answers.

Stiles stops and looks at the phone in surprise, still bouncing Hannah on one hip. That…is definitely not his dad. Fuck. He must have accidentally called the station instead of his dad’s personal line. Again.

"Uhm. Hi," he says lamely. 

There’s a pregnant pause before the voice on the other end says, “Hello.”

"Can you patch me through to Sheriff Stilinski?" he tries. He doesn’t immediately recognize the voice, but there’s a good chance he’s met whoever it is at least once. 

Another pause. “Is this an emergency?”

Yes, Stiles wants to say, but he’s not exactly sure how to justify needing his dad’s patented diaper rash remedy as an emergency. Hannah’s rash isn’t even that bad, but Scott’s been calling him every half hour to ask him to check on it, and drop totally unsubtle hints about how his mom said the sheriff might be able to help.

"Kind of," he settles on. "Uh. What’s your name?"

There’s a huff, like the guy on the other end is losing his patience, which, rude. “My name is Deputy Hale. What’s the problem, sir?”

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I was watching the news this morning and I’m really fucking annoyed.
My opinion about the NHS is extremely negative, as most people who’ve met me know. 
The NHS has fucked up time and time again with my mum and eventually she had a stroke that nearly killed her because of their fuck ups. They’ve told her that the pain in her legs was muscle related several times, and every time it was a bloodclot, just like she told them. And they’ve also missed her medication when she was in there before.
I only started thinking about this again because of the fact that some parents of a little boy with a brain tumor had to take him from the hospital and go to Spain because of the better treatment. They spent a load of money to get him exactly the same medical equipment as the NHS had been giving him to ensure he was comfortable, and now they’re under arrest and the little boy in on his own in the hospital because the NHS can’t stand that the parents dared to question their judgement and decided that they had to try and actually get their son the best treatment possible.

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I’m so glad that they didn’t make a good Dalek, because even though it would have been a huge victory for the Doctor it would have taken away the full impact of the Daleks, they’re one of, if not the, biggest villains in Doctor who.

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Not many people are good to be honest, Clara is right, all that matters is trying to be a good person

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He doesn’t like soldiers.

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Oh wow… the doctor was just compared to a Dalek.

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You looked inside of me and you saw hatred, that’s not victory, victory would have been a good Dalek